About Us

Crazy Swag Clothing is a streetwear clothing brand founded in 2020 by Louisiana native Elizabeth Harris. The clothing brand was started to promote self-confidence and self-worth amongst today's youth. Most youth in today’s society is faced with a lot of peer pressure, which leads to the idea that one must conform to the norms put out in today's society, but here at Crazy Swag Clothing we promote individuality. We encourage the youth that it’s okay to be yourself, it’s okay to be different. Plus, why be a copy when you can be the original. Yes, some people may think you're crazy for stepping outside the box society tries to cage us in, but that's okay. All great things have come from someone willing to step outside the box and dance to the rhythm of their own drum, but to do that one must have confidence in one’s own abilities. One must always believe in themselves and know that with hard work, persistence, and dedication a person could achieve whatever it is that they put their mind to. So, remember to always keep God first in everything that you do, always hold your head up high, always dress to impress because your first impression is a lasting impression, and last but not least always remain humble.